Artist: Lucie Silvas
Title: The Same Side
Year: 2006
Label: Mercury
Cat No: 1707300
Format: CD


Last Year (Silvas/Kearns/Tzuke/Russell)
Sinking In (Silvas/Parker/Kearns)
The Same Side (Silvas/Kearns/Tzuke)
Trying Not To Lose (Silvas/Lobb)
Something About You (Silvas/Green/Lobb)
Place to Hide (Silvas/Kearns/Tzuke)
Almost (Silvas/Kearns/Tzuke/Russell)
Right Here (Silvas/Kearns/Russell)
Counting (Silvas/Lobb)
Already Gone (Silvas/Green/Mcouski/Russell)
Alone (Silvas/Kearns/Parker/Russell)
Passionate You (Silvas/Wilson)
Stolen (Silvas/Green/Lobb)


Originally due for release in November 2006 and postponed by the record company - a few copies did find their way into the shops. Eventually released in March 2007 with different artwork.