Artist: Harriet
Title: Harriet
Year: 2016
Label: Bright Star
Cat No: BrightCD10
Format: CD


Afterglow (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
What's Mine Is Yours (Harriet/Steve Anderson/Judie Tzuke)
Broken For You (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
Can I Keep You (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
First And Last (Harriet/Steve Anderson/Judie Tzuke)
Permission To Kiss (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
Unlove You (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
Love Will Burn (Harriet/Steve Anderson/Tom Butler)
Empty Shoes (Harriet/Cliff Masterson)
Fly (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
Whoever You Are (Harriet/Steve Anderson)
She's Out Of My Life (Tom Bahler)


Judie is credited with Backing Vocals on 'First And Last'.