Artist: Garou
Title: Piece Of My Soul
Year: 2008
Label: Sony BMG
Cat No: 88697157202
Format: CD


Stand Up (Thomas)
Accidental (Wollbeck/Hector/Lindblom)
Burning (Melander)
Heaven's Table (Sutton/Mescall)
All The Way (Falk/Vargas/Hughes/Garand)
Take A Piece Of My Soul (Nova/Barren)
What's The Time In NYC (Hardiman/Mescall)
You And I (Tzuke/Silvas/Kearns/Russell)
First Day Of My Life (Chambers/Iglesias)
Nothing Else Matters (Ehrlich/Marvel)
Back For More (Lundin/Carlsson)
Beautiful Regret (Sutton/Mescall/Blenn)
Coming Home (Astrom/Nova)