Artist: Beresford Hammond Hume
Title: The Lightning Bell
Year: 2016
Label: The 52nd
Cat No: 52NDCD002
Format: CD


Call The Time (Beresford/Hammond Hume)
Feather War Cast (Beresford/Hammond Hume)
Then The Cloud Comes (Beresford/Hammond Hume/Tzuke)
The Heavy Branch (Beresford/Hammond Hume)
Laid Bare (Beresford/Hammond Hume)
As If All Was Within (Beresford/Hammond Hume)
In The Dark Hours (Beresford/Hammond Hume/Tzuke)
The Last Port (Beresford/Hammond Hume)


Judie is also credited with vocals on 'Then The Cloud Comes' and 'In The Dark Hours'.