Title: Sportscar
Year: 1980
Label: Rocket
Cat No: PIG3249
Format: Vinyl


Side One:
Sportscar (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Living On The Coast (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Chinatown (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Understanding (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Side Two:
The Choices You've Made (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
The Rise Of Heart (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Nightline (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Molly (Judie Tzuke/Paxman)
Rain On The Hills (Judie Tzuke/Paxman/Paul Muggleton)


Also issued as a Cassette.

Label: Rocket
Cat No: PIGC3249
Year: 1979

8 Track

Also issued as a 8 Track.

Label: Rocket
Cat No: PIGT3249
Year: 1979


Mfd. by MCA Records ... Calif. - See Country Codes here.