Artist: Paul Norton
Title: Under A Southern Sky
Year: 1990
Label: Mushroom
Cat No: MUSH322662
Format: CD


Billy Billy (McNaughton/Greig/Muggleton/Paxman)
Stuck On You (McNaughton)
Southern Sky (McNaughton)
God On My Side (McNaughton/Greig/Muggleton/Paxman)
It's The End (McNaughton)
Shake That Devil (McNaughton)
I Got You (McNaughton)
Means A Lot Of Work (McNaughton/Greig)
Hurricane (McNaughton)
96 Tears (R. Martinez)
I Got The Wheels (McNaughton)


Judie is credited with Backing Vocals on 'God On My Side', 'Shake That Devil', 'Means A Lot Of Work' and '96 Tears'.