Artist: Nick Kamen
Title: Move Until We Fly
Year: 1990
Label: WEA
Cat No: 9031710592
Format: CD


I Promised Myself (Kamen)
Oh How Happy (Edwin Starr)
Looking Good Diving (McVey/Morgan/Ramacon)
Somebody's Arms To Hold Me (Kamen/Paxman/Muggleton)
Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um (Curtis Mayfield)
Take Back My Hand Child (Kamen/Andersen/Guirey)
We Can Make It (Kamen/Andersen/Guirey)
Agony and Ecstasy (Armitage/Andersen/Guirey/Kamen)
You Are (Kamen/Andersen/Guirey)
I Want More (Ayers/Bedford/Striplin/Kamen)
Move Until We Fly (Kamen/Andersen/Guirey)


Judies credit reads 'and thanks also to . . . Judie Tzuke . . .', although her own site credits her with backing vocals on 'I Promise Myself'.