Artist: Biographers
Title: Columbus
Year: 1992
Label: Mercury
Cat No: 5141712
Format: CD


The Letter (Perini/Alessandroni)
Byzantium Is Taken (Perini/Alessandroni)
Imago Mundi (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Legend Of The Unknown Helmsman (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Helmsman's Memory (Perini/Alessandroni)
Isabel (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Day Of The Alcyone (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Departure (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Omen (Perini/Alessandroni)
Alisei - The Diary (Perini/Alessandroni)
The Living, The Dead And The Mariners (Perini/Alessandroni)
Natividad (Perini/Alessandroni)
Cristobal (Perini/Alessandroni)


Judie is credited with Soloist Voice on 'Isabel' and with Vocals on 'Byzantium Is Taken', 'Isabel' and 'Cristobal'.