Artist: Alesha
Title: Fired Up
Year: 2008
Label: Victor
Cat No: VICP-64062
Format: CD


Hypnotik (Alesha/Douglas/Woodford)
Lipstick (Bagge/Alesha/Astrom/Janson)
Fired Up (Alesha/Douglas/Swaray)
Knockdown (Alesha/Cooper/Higgins/Larcombe/Lee/Sommerville)
Superficial (Alesha/Douglas/Woodford)
Ting A Ling (Alesha/Rowe/Stannard)
Free (Bagge/Alesha/Astrom/Astrom)
Everybody Wants To Change The World (Craigie/J'Nay)
Let It Go (Alesha/Douglas/Tzuke)
A Lil' Bit Of Love (Alesha/Douglas/Tzuke)
Turn It Up (Epworth)
Everywhere I Go (Alesha/Douglas/Swaray)
Voodoo (Craigie)
Lipstick [Agent X Mix] (Bagge/Alesha/Astrom/Janson)
Knockdown [K Gee Heat Remix]


Judie is credited with Backing vocals on 'A Lil' Bit Of Love'.