Artist: Mylo
Title: Destroy Rock & Roll
Year: 2004
Label: Breastfed
Cat No: BFD007CD
Format: CD


Valley Of The Dolls (Myles MacInnes)
Sunworshipper (Myles MacInnes)
Muscle Cars (Myles MacInnes)
Drop The Pressure (Myles MacInnes)
In My Arms (Myles MacInnes)
Guilty Of Love (Myles MacInnes)
Parts Four Hundred (Myles MacInnes)
Destroy Rock & Roll (Myles MacInnes)
Rikki (Myles MacInnes)
Ottos Journey (Myles MacInnes)
Musclecar Reform Reprise (Myles MacInnes)
Zenophile (Myles MacInnes)
Need You Tonite (Myles MacInnes)
Emotion 98.6 (Myles MacInnes)


'Need You Tonite' samples 'Stay With Me Till Dawn'.