Artist: Yes
Title: Fragile
Year: 1972
Label: Atlantic
Cat No: K50009
Format: Vinyl


Side One:
Roundabout (Anderson, Howe)
Cans And Brahms (Arr. Wakeman)
We Have Heaven (Anderson)
South Side Of The Sky (Anderson, Squire)
Side Two:
Five Per Cent For Nothing (Bruford)
Long Distance Runaround (Anderson)
The Fish (Schindleria Praematuras) (Squire)
Mood For A Day (Howe)
Heart Of The Sunrise (Anderson, Squire, Bruford)


Judie covered 'Roundabout' on 'Wonderous A Tribute To Yes' by 'Adam Wakeman'.


Roundabout was also issued as a single.

Label: Atlantic
Cat No: K10407
Year: 1973