Artist: Colin Blunstone
Title: Ennismore
Year: 1972
Label: Epic
Cat No: SEPC65278
Format: Vinyl


Side One:
I Don't Believe In Miracles (Ballard)
Quartet: a) Exclusively For Me (Blunstone/Jones)
b) A Sign From Me To You (Blunstone)
c) Every Sound I Heard (Blunstone/Jones)
d) How Wrong Can One Man Be (Blunstone)
I Want Some More (Blunstone)
Side Two:
Pay Me Later (Blunstone/Dennys)
Andorra (Blunstone/White)
I've Always Had You (Blunstone)
Time's Running Out (Blunstone)
How Could We Dare To Be Wrong (Blunstone/Dennys)


Judie covered 'I Don't Believe In Miracles' on 'Six Days Before The Flood'.


'I Don't Believe In Miracles' was also issued as a single.

Label: Epic
Cat No: EPCS8434
Year: 1972