Artist: America
Title: Homecoming
Year: 1972
Label: Warner Brothers
Cat No: K46180
Format: Vinyl


Side One:
Ventura Highway (Bunnell)
To Each His Own (Beckley)
Don't Cross The River (Peek)
Moon Song (Bunnell)
Only In Your Heart (Beckley)
Side Two:
Till The Sun Comes Up Again (Beckley)
Cornwall Blank (Bunnell)
Head And Heart (Martyn)
California Revisited (Peek)
Saturday Nights (Peek)


Judie covered 'Head and Heart' on 'The Beauty Of Hindsight'.


Judie covered 'Head and Heart' because of her liking for the America version. However, it is actually a cover of John Martyn who recorded it for his 1971 album 'Bless The Weather' (Island ILPS9167).