Title: Turning Stones
Year: 1989
Label: Polydor
Cat No: 8390874
Format: Cassette


Side One:
We'll Go Dreaming (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
Let Me Be The Pearl (Tzuke/Paxman)
Dominique (Tzuke/Noble)
Take It All (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
Sound Of My Sister's Tears (Tzuke/Paxman)
Side Two:
Run To Win (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
Don't Go (Tzuke/Noble)
Everything Will Come (Muggleton/Noble)
Modern Killers (Paxman/Muggleton)
Turning Stones (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
All They Can Do Is Talk (Tzuke/Paxman)