Title: Shoot The Moon
Year: 1994
Label: BGO
Cat No: BGOCD 226
Format: CD [Reissue]


Heaven Can Wait (Tzuke/Paxman)
Love On The Border (Paxman/Muggleton)
Information (Tzuke/Paxman)
Beacon Hill (Tzuke/Paxman)
Don't Let Me Sleep (Tzuke/Paxman)
I'm Not A Loser (Muggleton/Noble)
Now There Is No Love At All (Tzuke/Paxman)
Late Again (Tzuke/Noble)
Liggers At Your Funeral (Tzuke/Paxman)
Water In Motion (Tzuke/Paxman)
Shoot The Moon (Tzuke/Paxman)