Title: The Cat Is Out Tour
Year: 2001
Label: Silverpark
Cat No: DVD 1087X
Format: CD


This Side Of Heaven (Paxman/Muggleton)
How Sweet It Is (Paxman/Tzuke)
City Of Swimming Pools (Tzuke/Paxman)
Shoot From The Heart (Tzuke/Paxman)
You Are The Phoenix (Muggleton/Noble)
How Do I Feel (Muggleton/Noble)
For You (Tzuke/Paxman)
Harbour Lights (Paxman/Tzuke)
Walk Don't Walk (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
Nighthawks (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
Who Do You Really Love (Muggleton/Noble)
Come Hell Or High Water (Muggleton)
Face To Face (Tzuke/Paxman/Muggleton)
I'll Be The One (Muggleton/Noble)
Stay With Me 'Til Dawn (Tzuke/Paxman)


This is a combined CD and DVD.

'All They Can Do Is Talk About Us', 'Black Furs' and 'Heaven Can Wait' are available on the DVD, but not on the CD.